Dedicated Florist Sleeps in Shop to Prepare for Valentine’s Day


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)For flower shops, Valentine's Day is their Super Bowl. 

Stein Your Florist Company has been a staple in Philadelphia going way back to 1887. Owner Patrick Kelly was up late with his team on Wednesday, and they got up early Thursday to stay ahead of the game. Kelly actually slept in the shop.


He says they started to prepare for Valentine’s Day the day after Christmas.

"My first order of red roses was 12,000," Kelly said. "My color roses, I’m up to about seven or eight (thousand), and the other numbers are just not clear. That’s just the roses."

Roses top the list, but all kinds of arrangements are set for delivery or pick-up. 

"It seems like people are going a lot for the assortment this year, where you get the roses mixed with some other flowers," he said. "Lillies are always big. Girls love lillies. And gerbera daisies, young people love the gerbera daisies."


And they'll accommodate last-minute shoppers as well.

"Our goal is always not to let the line get outside the door," Kelly said. "So, we’ll have probably eight to 10 people in the store just running back and forth, wrapping, ringing people up, making what they want.”"

Maybe the most fulfilling part of the job, Kelly says, is being part of people’s lives.

"I’ve taken guys from their first dates, when they buy their first rose, all the way to their anniversaries," he said. "I got a guy, he remembers when I sold him his first rose. We talk through the years — 15 years married."