Less Drivers on the Road Leads to More Aggressive Drivers: AAA

Aggressive Driver
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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - With less traffic on the roads, drivers are becoming more aggressive.

Law enforcement in Southwestern Pennsylvania responded by writing over 1,800 citations in the last month.

“When we see aggressive citations going up but that’s contrasted against fewer drivers. That especially alarming,” said AAA’s Jim Garrity.

Local and State Police are trying to reduce the number of crashes caused by aggressive driving by targeting unsafe behaviors like speeding, texting and careless driving.

The rate of deadly traffic accidents is greater for the third month in a row, even as COVID-19 restrictions has meant fewer drivers on the roads, according to a road safety report.

Ken Kolosh, who oversees statistics for the National Safety Council said that's due in part to drivers being more distracted because of worries about COVID-19 and recent social unrest.

More drivers are also speeding because there's less traffic on the road.

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