Live out Your Barbie Dreams in This Doll-Themed Hotel Suite


While you’re still working on your Barbie dream house, one hotel has an amazing stand-in.  

The Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe is partnering with a Mattel, in honor of Barbie’s 60th birthday, for a pinkelicious experience.

Just imagine living the life of Barbie from the moment you check in, till check out.

The glamping experience, or glamourous camping, includes a bed shaped like Barbie’s camper, as well as an in-room collection of the dolls from over the last six decades.

There’s even an exclusive pink menu for when guests work up appetite after a long day of living the life of a doll.

The Barbie room will set you back about $200 a night and will be available through December, but who can put a price on making childhood dreams a reality.