MUST WATCH: Rex Ryan References His Foot Fetish Past In ESPN Joke

By , WFAN Sports Radio 66AM & 101.9 FM New York

Rex Ryan just can't kick this foot fetish thing.

The former New York Jets coach, who nearly a decade ago found himself in a weird scandal involving foot fetish videos, was on ESPN's "Get Up" on Friday morning when the conversation turned to former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter having his toenails removed before each season so they wouldn't get smashed up.

Gross, right?

The topic made co-host Sam Ponder uncomfortable, too. But it really made Ryan uncomfortable.

"Why are we doing this again?" Ponder tells colleague Mike Greenberg. "This is a morning show. We've got to quit talking about feet and toenails while people are eating their Cheerios."

Ryan, with a sheepish grin, then chimes in: "Well, let's not talk about feet."

Those in the studio then burst into laughter, especially Ponder, who says, "I can't stay for this!" before walking off.

In 2010, Deadspin reported on a series of videos that focused on the feet of a woman resembling Ryan's wife, Michelle. In one video, a voice sounding like Ryan's could be heard. 

Ryan never copped to him and his wife being in the videos, telling reporters at the time that it was a "personal matter."

Yet that has not stopped the former NFL coach from acknowleding his unique scandal in not-so-subtle ways.

In 2015 while he was head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Ryan was photographed at his desk with a picture of, presumably, his wife's feet visible in the background.

At least Ryan seems to have a sense of humor about it.