The New Volkswagen Bus Is All Electric


The original Volkswagen Bus was a symbol of the Woodstock generation, and as we close in on this year’s music festival season stretching from the desert polo grounds of Coachella to Bonaroo’s Great Stage Park, VW has a bus for a new generation of festival road trippers. And this one is all electric. Think Grateful Dead meets Bladerunner.

Called the I.D. Buzz, the sleek new version of the VW bus was released first as a concept car in 2018, but it will actually hit dealerships in the US, Europe and China in 2022, just in time for Gen Z’ers to do a post-college cross-country drive to discover themselves.

While it has much of the same aesthetic appeal of the original bus, it has loads of 21st century upgrades. Most notably a 369-horsepower engine, or about 12 times the power of the first iteration. Volkswagen also says the Buzz should be able to go 300 miles on a single charge.

When it comes out in a few years, the Buzz will be the second fully electric car in the I.D. series from Volkswagen, after the original I.D., a five-door hatchback hits the market in 2020. There is also an all-electric concept called the Crozz due for release as well.

All three are part of VW’s move to stop making gas-powered cars entirely by 2026. As Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess put it: “Our goal is clear: we want to make the fully electric, fully connected car a bestseller around the world. The iconic car of the electric age must be a Volkswagen.”

Looks like that age will be here soon.