About 200 Arrested As Thousands Flood Streets on Day 6 of Protests in NYC

By WCBS Newsradio 880

The NYPD arrested about 200 people Tuesday night on the sixth day of protests in New York City, and while isolated looting was reported in Manhattan, it didn't reach the severity of the nights before.

There was looting reported at the Zara at Broadway and Vesey Street, as well as at the Nordstrom Rack near 31 Street and 6th Avenue. Damage was also seen at several locations, including a Starbucks and FedEx store, near Astor Place in the East Village.

Demonstrators came out in force determined to keep the peace on the sixth day of protests over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota last week, with thousands of people flooding the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, later failing to adhere to the 8 p.m. curfew imposed by officials hoping to bring an end to destruction.

In an effort to address the looting and violence that has followed mainly peaceful daytime protests, a citywide curfew will be in place through Sunday, running from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Vehicular traffic is banned south of 96th Street in Manhattan after curfew — with exemptions for residents, essential workers, buses and truck deliveries.

Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the Barclays Center, which was the scene of a large demonstration earlier in the day, and said the situation was calm around 11 p.m.

"At Barclays Center now. Very calm situation. So far, the curfew is certainly helping, based on everything I’ve seen in Brooklyn and Manhattan over the last three hours," the mayor tweeted.

After 9.p.m., at least 1,000 protesters tried making their way across the Manhattan Bridge to Manhattan, where a standoff ensued for over an hour between police and protesters. They were not let off the bridge and were gathered at the base at Canal and Chrystie streets, where there was a heavy police presence holding them back. The group eventually turned around to head back to Brooklyn.

Livestream video showed people smashing windows of a local doughnut shop and as the group made its way up Eighth Avenue they encountered a small group of Guardian Angels standing guard outside a store. Some threw bags of garbage at the Guardian Angels, striking a few. Eventually, they backed off, with some in the crowd ushering the group to keep moving until two police vehicles dispersed the crowd further.

There were also reports of looting at a Zara store on Broadway and Fulton Street, where police were making arrests. Video from the scene showed a man shoving officers to the ground. A physical altercation then breaks out between the officers and two men.

Overall, incidents of looting were limited.

As the protesters made their way from one end of the city to the other, those at the front of the line made an effort to give no reason for any violence — clearing out crosswalks and taking a knee when people started shouting at officers.

WCBS 880's Kevin Rincon marched with protesters from Wall Street up to Gracie Mansion and back. Along the way, he observed people handing out water bottles and face masks to those without. 

"It stretches beyond a mile," Rincon reported. "There is a sheer amount of people covering the streets."

About an hour before the curfew, several hundreds of protesters surrounded Trump International Hotel at Columbus Circle, where there was a line of NYPD officers guarding the front door. About 10 minutes before the curfew, the crowd grew significantly as it was joined by a second group of protesters. Police started flanking both sides, but as the curfew took effect, the crowd started marching down the street, preventing any clashes.

There were reports of as many 5,000 people at Union Square, mainly coming from Sixth Avenue and 14th Street.

Cuomo expressed outrage over the rioting in New York City that occurred overnight Monday and said the NYPD did not do it’s job in protecting communities or property. 

The governor said he supports the peaceful protests but does not want to see anymore violence.

Floyd, a black man, died shortly after a video recording showed Derek Chauvin, a white officer, kneeling on the back of his neck for more than eight minutes. Floyd repeatedly told the officer he could not breathe, but the officer did not remove his knee. 

Protests demanding justice for Floyd and calling for an end to police brutality have erupted in cities across the country. Many turned violent with looting, arson and rioting happening overnight

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