Why Bills and Texans are Perfect Fit for Trade

Lamar Miller's injury leaves void in Houston's offense
By , WGR 550 SportsRadio

Has there ever been more reason for two teams to make a trade in sports history? The Texans need a running back, a tackle, and the Bills could use great pass rusher. Could Ty Nsekhe & LeSean McCoy be enough to land Jadeveon Clowney?

It’s been an often talked about subject during the offseason: McCoy and whether the Bills would trade him. I personally have liked the idea through the spring and summer. One of the biggest counter-arguments was that there isn’t a market for a 31-year-old running back due almost $10 million. Tampa Bay was the only solid argument needing him. Now, we have Houston.

The Texans traded a third-round pick to the Browns for running back Duke Johnson. A good, young player who could very well play for them for a long time. Now that Miller is gone, he stands alone as the Texans only running back you can count on in the regular season. Johnson is good, but if he were to go down, they’d be down to 2018 undrafted free agent Buddy Howell.

Lamar Miller potentially tearing his ACL wasn’t the biggest bit of news in the NFL Saturday night. Shockingly, Andrew Luck retired due to his battle with injuries, completely changing the landscape in the AFC. The Colts go from a sneaky Super Bowl pick, to a team that could pick high in the draft next year. The Texans are built to win now. With no Andrew Luck in the division, it’s wide open for them. With that in mind, two veteran players should be enticing to them.

So, the Texans are extremely thin at running back, and are in bad shape at offensive tackle. Roderick Johnson, a fifth-round pick from last year that was active for just one game in his rookie season, is in line to start at left tackle. Not good when you have a special young quarterback with an injury history. Then, there’s this from The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain:

Whoever may have a deal in place with Houston, Buffalo can one-up them with a running back. McCoy would fit perfectly on a great team whose window is open right now, only has one respectable back and has the most cap space in the NFL. He doesn’t have to be a part of a larger Clowney deal, or it doesn’t even have to be McCoy. He, Frank Gore, and TJ Yeldon would all be massive upgrades for Houston at the position. If the Texans trade for a running back, the Bills should be on the other end of that deal.

If it was a bigger deal for Clowney, then Nsekhe makes sense. He was legitimately good at left tackle in Washington, and was significantly less productive on the right side. Again, Houston’s window is open now, so age shouldn’t be as big a factor, and Nsekhe would be a massive upgrade for them.

Could Nsekhe and McCoy be enough to get Clowney? Perhaps. Trading two 30-plus year old players for a young franchise pass rusher is exactly the deal the Bills need.