Group Develops App to Connect People With COVID-19 Testing Sites


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A group in New York City is on a mission to help everyone in the country get tested for coronavirus.

Everyone is urged to get tested for the COVID-19 virus to see if they are unknowingly carrying the virus without any symptoms.

WCBS 880’s Mike Sugerman traveled to a number of locations to get his test and eventually was administered one when he found a location that didn’t have a long wait.

He notes he was able to find all the testing locations through the app All Clear.

The application was built by Joe Essenfeld and his colleagues.

“It was a bit of a selfish act because we didn’t know how to handle it ourselves,” he explains.

Essenfeld and his colleagues run a recruiting software business that helps people find jobs but when the pandemic struck, they wanted to help in other ways.

“We wanted to give back. Not just with our time but make a small investment to build something that could help people and honestly, it’s helping us, too. It gives us something to focus on during this pandemic which is affecting so many other people.”

They spent $35,000 developing the app and spent hundreds of hours researching and working on it during their off hours.

The system works by allowing users to input their location and finding the closest verified COVID-19 testing site. To get a test, users call their preferred location, check availability and then get the test.

Sugerman reports having the stick swap the back of his nose isn’t painful, and surprisingly felt like getting water up his nose.

He reports his own test came back negative and he did not have any antibodies.

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