Jim Harbaugh's Bizarre Abortion Rant: 'Can't Be Anything More Horrendous'


Jim Harbaugh made his first public comments Friday since the end of last season, and for the most part he said what you'd expect. 

He misses his team. He hopes and expects the 2020 season to take place as planned, despite the threat of the coronavirus. In the meantime, he's enjoying the extra family time. 

But toward the end of the interview on his friend Jay Nordlinger's podcast, Harbaugh took a strange turn toward ... abortion. Here's how he got there and what he had to say:

"As we all go through what we're going through with COVID-19, I see people more concerned about others. More prayerful. As I said, God has virtually stopped the world from spinning. I don't think it's coincidence. My personal feeling, living a faith-based life, this is a message or this is something that should be a time where we grow on our faith for reverence and respect for God. You see people taking more of a view of sanctity of life. I hope that continues -- and not just in this time of crisis or pandemic.

"And lastly, abortion, we talk about sanctity of life, yet we live in a society that aborts babies. There can't be anything more horrendous."

As for football, Harbaugh said he's "going to prepare" as if the 2020 season will arrive on time. 

"I’m not going to give it one thought that it’s not going to happen, because it’s like being a quarterback. I learned that it’s better to be prepared and not have the opportunity, than to not prepare and your opportunity comes and you’re not prepared to do it. You got to not have one thought that it won’t happen," he said. 

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