Nets Confirm They Expect Kevin Durant To Miss Entire Season

By , WFAN Sports Radio 66AM & 101.9 FM New York

(WFAN) -- Kevin Durant has moved to New York, but he won’t be playing ball in New York for quite a while.

Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals when he was still a member of the Warriors. Game 5 marked Durant’s return from a strained calf, but early in the third quarter he pulled up with what had become a more serious injury.

The expectation was always that Durant would be unable to play this season due to the severity of his injury. That has now been confirmed Tuesday in a press conference by Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks.

“Kevin (Durant) will have a lot of say (about when he returns),” said Marks. “Expectations are for him to be out for the year … It’s obvious he wants to play but there’s more at stake here. This is a long-term approach … it’ll be a group decision.”

Marks added that Durant’s rehabilitation has been going well. The typical recovery time for a ruptured Achilles is between 9-12 months. Durant suffered his injury on June 10, so the soonest he would likely be able to return would somewhere near the end of the season.

Despite the expectation that he won’t play, Marks did say that “those things can change.”

Still, it’s unlikely that the Nets will rush back a player who they have committed so much money to and who is returning from a serious injury. 

Thus, in 2019 the Nets will be a team led by Kyrie Irving, who also joined this summer.