Yankees Pitchers Slam New MLB Rule: 'It's Not Real Baseball'

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There are quite a few new rules in place for the 2020 MLB season, but a handful of Yankees pitchers have an issue with one rule, in particular.

For the course of the 2020 60-game season, games that will go into extra innings will start with a runner automatically placed on second base in an effort to expedite a finish to the game.

“It’s not real baseball,” reliever Adam Ottavino told reporters on Wednesday. “You get used to it but I don’t particular like having a runner out there that I haven’t earned.”

The Yankees have spent part of their summer camp trying to get pitchers accustom to this scenario. During Tuesday’s intrasquad game, the Yankees placed a runner on second base several times, including during Ottavino’s appearance in the third inning.

They even put Tyler Wade on first base before Chad Green threw the first pitch of the game, another pitcher irked by the rule change.

“I am not a fan of it because who wants to pitch with a runner on second and no out in an extra-inning game?” Green said. “It’s not something you necessarily look forward to when you are about to run out there. I think I heard Otto say he would like people to earn it, to get on second, and I kind of echo that. It’s not something I enjoyed.”

Even Jordan Montgomery, a starter who is not likely to pitch in this scenario, called the rule “horrible.”

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