Antonio Brown is Already Starting Off on Wrong Foot with Raiders

By CBS Sports Radio

Antonio Brown hasn’t played a down for the Oakland Raiders, and already there is drama, uncertainty. Brown is reportedly seeing a specialist to deal with a nagging foot ailment, prompting Jon Gruden to say that the Raiders are “disappointed” and “want to get the party started.”

Should Raiders fans be worried about AB’s feet?

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” senior NFL writer Will Brinson said on The DA Show. “The guy got traded, he pouted because he didn’t like what was going on in his current spot where he established himself as the No. 1 wide receiver in football and had been paid handsomely multiple times by the Steelers. Then he gets traded to Oakland, where he is sort of given whatever he wants. He immediately gets a new contract from the Raiders, and now he has a foot injury. It’s not like Oakland is going to cut him. He’s not going anywhere, but I bet he is also going to take his time to heal.”

Gruden, as shown by his aforementioned comments, might not like that.

“When we start talking about what kind of blow up could happen between Antonio Brown and Jon Gruden, the thing we imagined post-trade was that it would be Derek Carr short-hopping balls in front of Antonio Brown’s foot,” Brinson said. “What we didn’t imagine was that Antonio Brown could get hurt and might say, ‘Hey, what’s good for AB is what’s good for AB.’ He’s going to sit out for like three or four games because he wants to make sure he’s healthy, and all of a sudden Gruden is sniping at him. There’s a lot of potential drama there with Antonio Brown and Jon Gruden – not to mention the fact that you want your wide receiver not to have an injured foot when the season starts.” 

The Raiders open the season at home against the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs before hitting the road to face the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts.

In the NFC, meanwhile, Brinson shared his thoughts on Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout from Dallas Cowboys camp, which could extend into the regular season.

“We should expect Zeke Elliott to run this up as long as possible against the start of the regular season,” Brinson said. “I don’t think he will bother coming back. What he may try to do is say, ‘All right, let’s see how the Cowboys look the first three weeks without me there.’ If the Cowboys lose, all of a sudden the leverage completely flips. If the Cowboys go 3-0 and Dak Prescott looks great and Alfred Morris is running for 150 yards a game, then suddenly maybe the leverage is flipped back on you. But it’s tricky because Zeke Elliott is not Melvin Gordon. Melvin Gordon, you can at least say, ‘All right, dude, take your $10 million and get on the field.’ Zeke Elliott, you can kind of understand why he wants to press for more than what Todd Gurley got."