Notre Dame Cathedral Is on Fire


Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire. The cause isn’t yet clear, but the fire seems to be raging unchecked at the church, which was built over the course of the 12th and 13th centuries and is one of Paris’ most popular and recognizable landmarks. The flames and a yellowish smoke look to be coming through the roof.

Fire fighters are working to get to Notre Dame, which is in very congested part of the city.

Paris’ mayor says the city and the firefighters are mobilized with church authorities and asked people to stay away from the church.

2:00 PM: The cathedral's famous spire has collapsed


2:10 PM: According to CBS News, Paris policee report that there have thankfully been no deaths in the fire.

2:18 PM: Firefighters have begun using a water canon to battle the blaze.

2:32 PM: It's now being reported that the  Île de la Cité, the island in the Seine River on which the Notre Dame sits, is being evacuated, including a hospital about a block from the cathedral. 

2:45 PM: Paris' deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire told French broadcaster BFMTV that the cathedral has suffered "colossal damage"

2:58 PM: The famous front facade of the church has now caught fire.

4:58 PM: The BBC is now reporting that fire officials in France believe the stone structure of the church will be saved. 

This is a developing story and will be updated as we have more information