Protests Are Beginning to Grow All Over the City of Minneapolis

Protests 38th and Chicago
Photo credit Entercom/Eric Nelson

After two nights of riots and looting many are out in droves to help pick up the pieces and protest peacefully. 

Dozens of protestors have gathered to clean different parts of the community affected by the riots that took place over the last 48 hours. With brooms in hand, they call for the rioting to stop and ask those who are from outside of the state not to bring any more destruction to the city.

The crowds, made up of people of all races and ethnic backgrounds are standing unified to bring attention to the systematic racism that has affected the city and lead to the death of Mr. Floyd. 

Governor Tim Walz has tweeted his support for these peaceful protests but reminds Minnesotans that there are still those who are trying to undermine this with violence.

He also continues to plead with Minnesotans to be home by the time the 8 p.m. curfew goes into effect.

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