Rihanna’s New Curvy Mannequins Have ‘Love Handles’ and ‘Hip Dips’


Rihanna gets all kinds of praise for being inclusive in her various business ventures, and the Fenty clothing line seems to be on the right track to having the same clout. Her Fenty pop-up featured body positive mannequins sporting her styles. 

At a pop-up in New York City on June 18th, the mannequins sporting the Fenty fashion line seemed to depict women of all sizes. One mannequin in particular is getting most of the spotlight on Twitter. 

People are even commenting on the mannequin’s stomach “pooch” and “hip dips,” saying that they’ve been waiting for mannequins to show bodies that look like their own. 

Other mannequins who gained fame over the Fenty pop-up are also getting attention on Twitter, many with far more realistic bodies than mannequins usually have. 

This isn’t the first time that Rihanna has stuck to a body positive and inclusive message. Her lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, as well as her Fenty collection for Puma both also included sizes beyond what’s normally available to consumers.