Trump campaign: President delivered 'greatest debate performance in presidential history'

By 1010 WINS

The Trump campaign released a statement following "President Trump's resounding victory over Joe Biden" in the first presidential debate.

Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien, said "President Trump just turned in the greatest debate performance in presidential history, displaying a command of the facts and control of the conversation."

He added, "Joe Biden was revealed as too weak to be president and spent most of the evening on his heels, unable to explain his 47 years of failure as a Washington politician, and even his friends in the liberal media will be unable to spin this as anything other than a miserable failure. Biden is too weak to stand up to the radical left, too weak to stand up to China, too weak to stand up to anti-police leftists, too weak to lead on the economy, and too weak to defeat Covid. Americans saw a strong president on top of his game against an inadequate challenger, who cannot be allowed to become president."

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