Watch Incredible Moment Woman Meets Person Who Gave Her Life-Saving Donation


By Molly Ade

Michelle Sion is getting the incredible opportunity to meet the person who gave her a life-saving donation.

56-year-old Michelle went to the doctor in 2017 when she was having difficulties making it through a workout.

What doctors initially thought was a fungal infection turned out to be a life-changing diagnosis.

Michelle had acute myeloid leukemia, and would need a stem cell transplant.

Fortunately for her, Noah Starr, a 23-year-old from Dallas, Texas, had joined The Gift of Life Marrow Registry just months earlier.

Michelle received her transplant at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey In December 2017, and a little over a year later, the pair finally got to meet at Gift of Life’s Celebrating Life event in New York City.

“I am so grateful to this stranger, Noah, who is no longer a stranger,” said Michelle. “He has truly given me the gift of life.”