Woman Saves Kids Whose Limbs Were Amputated By Witchdoctor


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- A Staten Island mom is working to fix some of the worst evils of the world by tending to its most vulnerable victims -- children. 

​Behind the doors of one typical suburban home on Staten Island you will find victims of unimaginable atrocities. Elissa Montanti is their host.

Mwgulu is in sixth grade. Pendu is in eighth. They are from Tanzania. They are Albino and both are missing limbs. 

“Witch doctors send people out with the belief that it’s good luck to have a body part of a child with Albinism," Montanti said. “So they go out in the night into the villages and machete limbs off.”

Mostly they leave them to die, to bleed out. You might not know it to look at them but Mwgulu and Pendu are among the lucky ones. They survived. And they are even more lucky that Montanti and her Global Medical Relief Fund found them.

“The Global Medical Relief Fund is a charity that helps children from every corner of the earth, including the United States, that have been affected by war, natural disasters, illness, congenital disorders," Montanti said.

She has partnered with the Shriners Hospitals for Children to get these kids back on their feet and there have been more than 300 from 48 countries since she started in 1997.

“These children don’t stand a chance. And if we have the resources like the Shriners and other hospitals to help then there isn’t a reason on earth why these children should not be helped," she said.

It’s an incredible story how this suburban mom ended up starting and running an international relief organization. After a crushing bout with depression, she was asked to help a charity in Bosnia and she found her calling.

“Each child that we bring has a story that they bring with them that is just hard to grasp," she said.

She has been profiled by "60 Minutes" and was a CNN Hero. Her story captivated actor Tyler Perry so much that he bought her this house so the kids could call it home during their recovery.

In this typical suburban home you would drive by and have no idea the good, the love, the magic that goes on here.