Ndamukong Suh, Nickell Robey-Coleman of Los Angeles Rams Diss Julian Edelman, Super Bowl MVP


(WEEI.com in ATLANTA) — Excuse me, come again?

One of the most mind-boggling quotes following the New England Patriots’ 13-3 win in Super Bowl LIII came from Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Even though Julian Edelman was the game’s MVP and finished with 10 catches on 12 targets for 141 yards, Suh claimed the Rams “eliminated” him.

“He's an elite player, plays hard, found some holes in our defense in the first half and pretty much the third quarter,” Suh said. “In my opinion, just thinking back, we eliminated him, even though he got yardages. We just have to not allow points to get on the board and give our offense more opportunities to score."

Another puzzling take on Edelman's performance came from Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman.

Robey-Coleman, best known for committing a pass interference penalty in the NFC championship game against the New Orleans Saints that was not called, also called out Tom Brady and the Patriots during Super Bowl week, before taking the comments back, claiming they were taken out of context.

Although Robey-Coleman wasn't matched up against Edelman 1-on-1 for the Super Bowl game, he still was responsible for a few of Edelman's catches.

"I was on top of everything tonight," Robey-Coleman told reporters. "I knew what was going on."

The Rams held the Patriots to 13 points, but Suh said he feels the unit could have done more.

“We didn't do enough. We had opportunities to get off the field and we didn't get off the field,” Suh said. “Simple as that. We had to hold them to field goals, that's what we talked about. This time, this go around, we didn't do that late and it's unfortunate."

Added Suh: “It's a cliché saying, but I think it's ultimately true: Defense wins championships. Their defense, in my opinion, outplayed us, held our offense to whatever and we didn't hold their offense to field goals like we talked about, stopping the run game."

Suh finished the game with one tackle and one QB hit.

By Ryan Hannable