Rob Gronkowski's Shirtless, Chugging Antics at New England Patriots' Super Bowl Parade


BOSTON ( -- Rob Gronkowski’s parade day progressed from chugging a $500 bottle of wine to pounding cheap beers while shirtless on top of a duck boat. 

In other words, our Gronk only grew up for so long.

Given all of the speculation about Gronkowski’s playing future, one could surmise his performance down Boylston Street on Tuesday in the New England Patriots' Super Bowl victory parade indicates he is retiring. Surely, this looks like a man who is partying his heart out. 

But that ignores the fact that Gronk seemingly enjoys parades more than anything in the world. Well, except repeatedly telling the same juvenile sex joke (that sentence is written with love).

As the rolling rally made its way through Back Bay, Gronk shed his more traditional garb –– you know, a shirt with sleeves –– and slipped on a police vest.

Then we got to beer chugging time.

This appeared to be a difficult season for Gronkowski. But he played his best football in January and caught two passes on the Patriots’ lone Super Bowl touchdown drive. His reward is another championship parade, which once again, he clearly loves.

They don’t throw these kinds of events for D-list action movie stars. That’s for sure. 

By Alex Reimer