'Boomer and Gio' on Daniel Jones to New York Giants in NFL Draft

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The uproar over the New York Giants' decision to draft quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick is still going strong.

WFAN's Boomer and Gio opened their show Monday morning discussing the pick that is being questioned even outside the Tri-state area.

"Everybody in the NFL (is) trying to figure out what the hell happened with (general manager) Dave Gettleman and the Giants on Thursday night," Gregg Giannotti said.

Few, if any, draft analysts had Jones pegged as a top-six pick, but Gettleman told reporters Saturday that he knew "for a fact" that two teams would've taken the Duke QB before the Giants' second pick at No. 17.

"There's still like investigative reporting going into this draft pick as to who the hell else wanted Daniel Jones," Giannotti said. "Now, we saw that there was a report that said it was the Redskins and the Broncos, but then right after that came out, people from the Redskins' and Broncos' side of things that cover those teams said absolutely not."

Regardless, the controversy surrounding the pick means Jones will feel even greater pressure and scrutiny with the Giants.

"Remember, Gettleman said if you want to play quarterback in New York, you have to have a special type of personality, especially if you play for the New York Giants," Boomer Esiason said. "And maybe this kid has that personality, I don't know. But he is definitely going to feel the negative wrath of the fan base because nobody expected him to be taken at that spot."

Added Giannotti: "There is no doubt about it that he had to have heard because nobody has stopped talking about it for four days now, the criticism. He must know what's going on. And he probably had no idea that it was going to be like this. He probably thought, 'Oh, some people are going to like me, some people aren't going to like me.' I mean, it seems like it's a consensus that the Giants dropped the ball."