Boomer Esiason: New York Knicks Were Right to Trade 'Whiny' Kristaps Porzingis


NEW YORK ( -- Boomer and Gio opened Friday’s show reacting to the news that New York Knicks superstar Kristaps Porzingis was traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

Boomer Esiason thinks the move makes sense because it rids the Knicks of a disgruntled player.

"The Knicks got stones because it takes guts to do something like this," Esiason said. "One of the nonsensical things that went on around the Knicks was that somehow, some way, somebody empowered Kristaps Porzingis to make him think like he was the man, that he was untouchable, and I know who that person is: His name is Carmelo Anthony.

"And it's time to get rid of guys like this that think they're something that they're not. His brother was a pain in the a--. ... It was always some whiny a-- something else about him that just basically turned me off."

Gregg Giannotti believes this sets the Knicks up for free agency. The deal creates enough salary cap space for the Knicks to sign two max-contract free agents this summer

It turns out the Knicks had been shopping the All-Star forward for weeks.

General manager Scott Perry said during a conference call after the trade became official Thursday evening that the Knicks had spoken to eight or nine teams about Porzingis. 

Knicks president Steve Mills told reporters that the organization began to have doubts about Porzingis after seeing signs that he might not be fully on board with their rebuilding plan. After Porzingis and his brother/agent Janis Porzingis confirmed in a Thursday morning meeting with team officials that they were frustrated with the franchise's direction, the Knicks' brass leaped into action, dealing Porzingis and guards Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee and Trey Burke to Dallas in exchange for Dennis Smith Jr., two future first-round picks and the expiring contracts of center DeAndre Jordan and swingman Wesley Matthews.