Joe Benigno, Evan Roberts Rant on New York Jets Hiring Adam Gase

NEW YORK ( -- WFAN hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts -- both of whom are passionate New York Jets fans -- were vocal during the team's coaching search that they hated the idea of Adam Gase taking over.

Their nightmare became reality Wednesday night when the Jets hired the former Miami Dolphins coach. 

"Let's be honest about it. There's no other way to say it. The ownership of this team is a disaster. That's it," Benigno said at the start of Thursday's show. "They're a disaster. It's the same old, same old, same old.

"The history of this franchise tells me that Adam Gase is going to be here three, maybe four years, maybe even less than that, and he's going to be gone. And (general manager) Mike Maccagnan is going to go right out the door with him, if that's the case," added Benigno, who lobbied for former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy to get the job.

Roberts, who tweeted "I hate sports" upon learning of the hire Wednesday, sought to bust what he believes are some myths about Gase. 

"I've heard he's a quarterback whisperer from many in the media ... ," Roberts said. "He developed Ryan Tannehill? Ryan Tannehill was basically the same before he got (to Miami) than after.

"It's ridiculous for Adam Gase to get any credit for Peyton Manning. I don't care how much Peyton loves him. Peyton's his own coach, especially at that point in his career.

"We also hear, 'He's a leader,'" Roberts continued. "Yeah, he's a great leader. Half his locker room didn't like him.

"I also hear, 'Well, Adam didn't have a lot of talent.' Well, two things about this: He did have talent and chased them away, like Jarvis Landry. ... And didn't he have power over the 53(-man) roster?"

But Benigno and Roberts both hope they'll be proven wrong.

"Look, I want to come on here one day and say, 'Boy, I was wrong about Adam Gase, as you and I are off to the Super Bowl wherever it is," Benigno said.

"Both of us would rather be wrong and happy than right and miserable," Roberts added.