Whole Foods Is Dropping Prices Again on April 3

And again it looks like you have Amazon to thank
Photo credit SOPA Images

Whatever you may think of Amazon’s hulking presence everywhere from music to movies to shopping, one thing the Jeff Bezos megabrand has done is provide lower prices for consumers on almost everything. Nowhere has that been more apparent than at Whole Foods, where, following Amazon’s purchase of the grocery chain, prices dropped on everything from bananas to eggs for Prime members. And in an announcement today, Whole Foods and Amazon said some prices will be dipping yet again.

In a joint statement, the two companies said, “Starting Wednesday, customers will find new lower prices on hundreds of items throughout the store with an emphasis on high quality, peak-of-season produce, including greens, tomatoes, tropical fruits and more.”

Specifically, customers should see $1 mangoes, $3.49 pints of cherry tomatoes and $1.99 bunches of rainbow chard.

Those price cuts for all customers, but on top of those there will be rotating deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members. They’ll find things like organic asparagus for $2.99 a pound ($2 off), organic strawberries for $2.99 a pound ($2 off), organic whole chicken for $1.79 a pound (40 percent off) and wild-caught halibut for $16.99 a pound (35 percent off).

The new prices will go into effect on April 3, so you’ll be able to start stocking up immediately. If you’ve always been put off by Whole Foods’ “whole paycheck” reputation, this could be your chance to get out of the store without feeling like you have to choose between your rent and your sumo citrus.

You can read Amazon and Whole Foods’ entire statement here.