Why Jennifer Aniston Will Never Change Her Classic Hairstyle


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

That’s the motto when it comes to Jennifer Aniston’s hair color, at least according to the man she entrusts with her luxurious locks.

Renowned Hollywood colorist Michael Canalé has been maintaining the "Murder Mystery" star’s golden caramel blonde mane for over 25 years and believes she will never alter her classic look.

“Jennifer stays true to the original and I really don’t see her changing it up too radically,” Canalé told Page Six. “That’s not her — or me.”

The pair have been working together since before Aniston’s meteoric rise  on the NBC series "Friends." It was during that time the he and celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillian collaborated in creating the iconic hairstyle named for Aniston’s Must-See-TV character, The Rachel. 

 “That was in 1994, and all these years later, her cut and color is really quite close to what we did back then,” the A-list colorist continued.  “I saw her every five weeks after that, and still do today.”

While it’s clear the 50-year-old actress is enamored with the hair color, there’s one other reason she won’t mess with perfection.

“She’s a classic, and she knows it,’ added Canalé.

Aniston’s trademark style was on display as she enjoyed a recent girls night out with her real life and TV BFFs, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

Kudrow shared a photo of the gal pals that gave fans the Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica reunion they’ve been hoping for.

“Halfway there... ,” Kudrow captioned the snap which eluded to the fact that their three male co-stars, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry, were missing.

As far as having a official "Friends" reunion, this will have to suffice, for now.