Incredible Video Shows Waves of Ice Crashing on Streets

(WWJ) Boulder-sized blocks of ice are seen tumbling over a wall in Northern Michigan -- video granting a glimps of the wildest effects of Sunday's "bomb cyclone." 

A dramatic clip posted by the Niagara Parks Police Service showed strong winds pushing ice from Lake Erie and the Niagra River over the retaining and onto the shouder of the Niagara River Parkway, before it was closed to traffic. "Drive with caution," police wrote.

"That’s less then a quarter mile from our house, wrote Don Conron, resonding to video on Facebook. "There is normally a stone wall six feet higher the the water. It is under there somewhere." 

"Wow. Have never seen anything like this. Amazing and scary at same time," Lenore Salter commented.

Photos and video shared on social media showed mounds of ice building up in Northern Michigan, to Ontario and New York.

New York station WGRZ reported the forceful winds had raised water levels on the eastern end of Lake Erie in a phenomenon known as a seiche, then driving ice over a boom upstream from the river. Ice mounds 25 to 30 feet high came ashore farther south, according to the New York Power Authority, piling up on several lakefront properties in a Buffalo suburb.

"We've had storms in the past, but nothing like this," resident Dave Schultz told WGRZ. "We've never had the ice pushed up against the walls and right up onto our patios."

In Michigan, the highest gust of the day was clocked in Gaylord at a whopping 68 miles an hour. Detroit City Airport picked up the strongest burst locally, at 61 mph. Gusts of 60 miles per hour or more were reported in Saginaw, Muskegon, Battle Creek, near Charlevoix and near Cheboygan.  

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