PHOTO: 4-year-old’s balloon full of wishes was found over 600 miles away


A stranger has officially found a little girl’s balloon that traveled many miles from Kansas to Louisiana.

Luna Gonzalez and her twin sister, Gianella, both 4-year-olds, released balloons containing holiday wishes on December 1, Good Morning America reported.

Several weeks passed, and mother Leticia Gonzalez of Liberal, Kansas, found out that someone shared a picture of Luna’s pink, star-shaped balloon on Facebook.

“It was something different for the girls -- a memory they could keep after a rough 2020,” Gonzalez said. "It was just so cold and windy. I didn’t expect them to go that far.”

Alvin Bamburg of Shreveport, Louisiana, was the person who found the balloon. The balloon asked Santa for candy, a Spider-Man ball, a “Frozen” doll, a puppy, and My Little Pony.

Bamburg said he found the balloon hunting in Grand Cane, Louisiana, just 650 miles away from the Gonzalez home. Now, he is asking Facebook to make sure the girls’ wishes come true.

“I believe that we don’t met people by accident,” Gonzalez said. “I feel like we’ve made new friends for a lifetime.”

Over the Christmas holiday, the Gonzalez's family traveled to Mexico to donate clothing, food, and toys to less fortunate kids.

If Bamburg gives any gifts to the Gonzalez girls, those gifts will be donated as well.

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