Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST! NEW EPISODE!

By B96

Doing this podcast in public shouldn't be allowed, but Julia and Tyler are at the Chicago Auto Show.  Tyler was in Africa for a few days without internet, so he was very confused about the broom thing.   Julia fills him on all the world happenings since the last podcast including CALVIN HARRIS AND HIS GIGANTIC INTERNET LEAK.  That leads to a new exciting bit for the whole family "Handsome Kyle Rates Celebrity Dongs".Julia had a couple of traumatic experiences at the Auto Show.  Scary things happen there.  ANOTHER SPANKY'S CORNER DEEP DIVE:  child leashes in public.  Onsite podcast engineer, Rich, jumps on to compare his awful tattoo with all of Julia's way worse tattoos.  Then, Tyler and Julia breakdown a toilet paper vs bidet study from a rectal surgeon.  It could save your life. (shoutout to Gil for jumping in and producing this nonsense)