Your Evening Spank Podcast w/ Julia & Tyler: Fri 2/28 – Gossip On The Go

Your Evening Spank
By B96

Your daily bunch of nonsense for Friday from Julia and Tyler.

The Jonas Brothers one year anniversary of their comeback (even though in our hearts they never left) is today.

You can get coronavirus from farts!  According to a study, a bunch of Americans are done buying Corona beer because of the virus!  A dog now has coronavirus!  We are all gonna die!  (3 of the 4 are true).

Tyler and Julia have the best of the complaints officially submitted to the FCC from JLo and Shakira's Super Bowl halftime show!  They are spectacular with amazing grammar!

What music genre's fans are more likely to bang in a car.  There is a study.  

The most disgusting IG story of the week belongs to .... Britney Spears?