Jessia Biel Ringless? Best States For Singles? Millennials Admit They Can't Change Lightbulbs? Your Evening Spank Podcast Tues 3/3!

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By B96

More daily nonsense from Julia and Tyler from B96/Chicago cause why not. Jessica Biel is walking around wedding ringless.  WHAT IS HAPPENING????  ARE THEY SPLITTING UP?  IS LOVE SACRED ANYMORE?  NO ONE KNOWS, but the ring was probably just getting cleaned.  Tyler thinks it's a page out of the Taylor Swift book where you have some big relationship news when a new song gets released (listen to JT/SZA The Other Side... it's good).What states are the best for singles?  What states are the worst?  Is there a study that ranks them?  Yes.  Julia and Tyler have it.  (Professional tease --> ) THE RESULTS WILL SHOCK YOU!Millennials have problems doing basic tasks around the house according to a study.  Like super basic (spoiler: they can't even change light bulbs, for real).  Spanky's Corner does a deep dive.