10/16-Full Show-The Gabe & Nina Podcast

Stay Connected
By B96


Gabe & Nina's 6 @ 6 - Shazam! came in and changed the way we look up music, but Google has just introduced an even easier method to look up songs you don't know. What's the groundbreaking invention? Gabe & Nina talk all about it on the 6 @ 6.


Throwback Trivia - In 2004, Dog's TV show was premiered on the A&E network. It followed his career and family, but do you remember what exactly his career was ?


First World Friday - a very important feature in Gabe's car isn't working and Nina's oven was just fixed, but maybe a little too well. 


Baby Daddy Check-In- Nicole got a little emotional when she and Gabe were putting some things away. What was it? Gabe tells us on the Baby Daddy Check-In.


Wake Up Wars- Kristi has been a nightmare to face on Wake Up Wars, she's won 2 in a row and one more win gets her breakfast. Can Kristi complete the sweep?


Spooky Ghost Pictures- Nina is going to spend the night in a haunted hotel and is looking forward to getting some spooky photos. Do you or anyone you know have photos that unexplainable figures appear ?


Nina @ 9:30 - Nina wants you to check yourself and not wreck yourself! Time for tips on how to self-inspect for breast cancer on Nina @9:30.