10/29-Full Show-The Gabe & Nina Podcast

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By B96


6 @ 6 - The classic comedy film "Wedding Crashers" is potentially getting a reboot! During an interview Vince Vaughn hinted at the possibility of the movie making a comeback, but Gabe & Nina want to know what will the sequel be like years later?


Throwback Trivia - This song was debuted in 1984 and was performed by Ray Parker Jr. The lyrics go like " When there is something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call...?" Sound familiar? What are the missing lyrics?


Baby Daddy Check-In - Whitney has peed on Gabe's side of the bed 3 days in a row, Gabe is looking for solutions on the baby daddy check-in.


Wake Up Wars- Anoop is only 1 win away from winning a free breakfast, Gabe & Nina are hoping Sandy in Cicero pull off the upset and block his breakfast.


Joyce and her daughter join the show - Joyce and her daughter are at odds about dating in the 8th grade. Joyce's daughter claims to love this boy and Joyce does not want to hear that. Should Joyce just take a step back and let her daughter figure this one out?


Halloween Parties - More COVID restrictions are happening Halloween weekend, but is that stopping you from getting together with your family and friends? 


The Jonas Blessing - If you're a professional athlete and want to win a championship, Nick Jonas has an idea of what you need to do.


Nina @ 9:30 - It seems like it's been a tough week for everyone, but no worries Nina has a secret recipe that can help boost those emotions and feelings.