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Miss anything on today's episode of Gabe & Nina ? We got you covered, listen to the entire episode or pick up where you left off using the markers.


Gabe & Nina's 6 @ 6 - Nina is finally stepping out of her home & Gabe finally found the source of the awful kitchen smell. Gabe & Nina cover the top 6 stories of the morning on the 6 @ 6.


Throwback Trivia - Do you remember Travie McCoy ? In 2010, he & Bruno Mars had a smash hit that talked about wanting to be wealthy and all the good they would do with the money. What was the name of the song ?


First World Friday - Gabe upgraded his internet service, but somehow it's actually worse than before and Nina is losing sleep because she can't seem to figure out the perfect temperature for her room. Time for Gabe & Nina to vent about their first world problems.


Baby Daddy Check-In - Gabe's daughter just discovered something new  ... her toes. On this check-in , Gabe talks about why it's so funnny to watch his daughter play with her foot.


Wake Up Wars - It's time to sink or swim for Team Nina, they are down 4-0 and a win today would mean Team Gabe gets steak for dinner. Can Sam deliver for Team Gabe and take this game from Gloria and Team Nina ?


Quitting During A Pandemic - Emma was on the way out of her job when her boss offered her a raise/ promotion she couldn't turn down. Gabe & Nina ask Chicago, has this ever happened to you ? What was your situation like ?


Sexy Spanish Talk - Gabe is going to say 3 statements and it's up to Michael to guess if what Gabe just said is sexy or "summer timey".


Summer Camp Friday - Gabe & Nina talk about their summer camp crushes and why holding hands was a big deal.


Nina @ 9:30 - Nina wants to encourage everyone to send meaningful messages to friends or people they care about. She talks about this and why it's important on Nina @ 9:30.