9/22- Full Show- The Gabe & Nina Podcast

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Miss anything on today's episode of Gabe & Nina ? We got you covered, listen to the entire episode or pick up where you left off using the markers.



Gabe & Nina's 6 @ 6 - 2020 has only brought us pain, suffering, and new experiences. For example, have you ever had to babysit via Facetime ? Nina was asked to watch her friend's kids over the weekend and she tells us how that all went on the 6 @ 6.



Throwback Trivia - In 1996, there was a show that followed Sabrina Spellman. She lived with her aunts and a very friendly black cat, Sabrina also had magical powers. What was the name of the show ?


Random Acts Of Kindness - Has a stranger ever helped you out in a time of need ? Gabe forgot his wallet and the cashier did something he did not expect.


Baby Daddy Check-In - Whitney is getting hands on, Gabe talks to us about the new phase his daughter is entering on the baby daddy check-in.


Wake Up Wars - Queen Kate is on a roll and is only one win away from getting breakfast. Will someone rise up to the challenge and end her reign ?


Nina's Neighbors - On Monday, We learned that Nina has a new neighbor who has a pretty loud dog. Nina witnessed another fed up neighbor yell at the poor woman and once again seen the same thing happen yesterday. Should Nina step up and defend the poor woman or take this straight to management ?


Guess That Gig - What does a correctional officer and massage therapist have in common ? Absolutely nothing, but Gabe & Nina seem to think otherwise. The rules to this game are very simple, they each ask 1 question  about your job and take a hilariously off guess.


TMI Tuesday - Did you ever get "THE TALK " ? Gabe & Nina share their own stories and want to hear yours.