New April Fools Day Episode of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST! (w/ Julia & Tyler) for your quarantined listening pleasure

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By B96


Julia and Tyler do the podcast from their respective studios (closets).  This pod is raw  AF, not one edit was made.  Just a bunch of mindless nonsense as we all kill some time. It's taken a few days of isolation, but JULIA IS DTF!!!!   Tyler on the other hand got the best dog on the planet over the weekend.  NEW GAME ON THE PODCAST:  How many people got arrested in the city of Chicago last Wednesday?  (Tease ->)  THE NUMBER WILL SHOCK YOU!  Seriously, it will shock you.  Like for real.  It's shocking. What day is it today?  Have you brushed your teeth today?  There is a group of people in this world that have NO IDEA that there is an international pandemic happening right now.  They won't know for another week.  Who is it?  (<- another="" tease)A="" Spanky's="" Corner="" Deep="" Dive:=""  AMISH="" vs="" MENNONITES.=""  It's="" a="" very="" comprehensive="" inside="" look="" on="" the="" Amish="" that="" you="" won't="" get="" anywhere="" else="" (including="" Joe="" Rogan). Julia="" did="" full="" internet="" stream="" about="" John="" Mayer.=""  The="" comments="" went="" off="" rails="" in="" HURRY.An="" update="" what="" everyone="" is="" watching="" because="" these="" trying="" times,="" can't="" have="" enough="" things="" to="" watch.=""   <="" p=""/>