FEEL FANCY: Easy Whipped Coffee With 3 Ingredients!

Julia, Dalogna Coffee
By B96
Julia, Dalogna Coffee


You know how every recipe on Pinterest includes a 10 page recipe about the blogger's childhood? I promise won't do that to you.

Basically, this fancy whipped coffee - AKA "Dalgona Coffee" has been all over every corner of social media and I had to give it a go! Especially since it was ridiculously easy to make.

I'm proud to say those in the photo are actually the ones I made for me and my roommate! It's pretty satisfying to build a picture worthy drink. Anyway, here's all you need.

- 2 TBSP of Instant coffee, or if you're like me and are insane, instant espresso 

- 2 TBSP of hot OR cold water, depending how you want this served

- 2 TBSP of Sugar, or a sugar substitute (I used Stevia, however I heard real sugar yields fluffier results. Mine was still fluffy.)

-Hand mixer, OR a fork/whisk and patience (you can get results from the latter)


1. In a mixing bowl, combine the instant coffee, water, and sugar and mix or whisk until it thickens and gains a whipped shape. It takes a minute. You'll begin to see it bubble and froth and shortly after it'll take shape. If you don't have a hand mixer, others have said it can take 8-10 minutes to whisk by hand.

2. Fill a glass halfway with milk of choice. I used almond milk, and I added iced as I wanted it to be cold. Then dollop and swirl the whip on top! It'll be beautiful in no time. Because I am extra, I decided to add edible gold on top. I have no regrets. She was beautiful. 

3. Mix the whip in the milk if the coffee tastes intense and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am extremely tolerant to caffeine, but others I know who have tried it said the caffeine buzz could be a bit intense. So if you're sensitive to caffeine, please keep this in mind.