WE LOVE TO SEE IT: Parents Turn Garage Into 'CLUB QUARANTINE' For Son's 21st Birthday!

(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for LARAS)
Photo credit (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for LARAS)
By B96

If your birthday hits while we're still in quarantine, you can easily make do and have a good time. You'll hopefully be surrounded by loved ones, eat a bomb dinner, and have people making you feel good all day! That's what it's all about. But one particular group I do feel bad for are the ones who turn 21 during quarantine! Because nothing feels better than being asked for that ID the first time. I remember being so antsy I wanted them to ask me for it at Denny's. They don't do that there. 

So for Jack Toricha, who was looking forward to going out and using that ID... he was a little upset by the news he'd have to celebrate indoors. His parents wouldn't let that ruin the day, hence the birth of: CLUB QUARANTINE. The hottest night club in New Jersey! What was just an innocent night of fun in their backyard became explosive online after his sister Emily filmed it on TikTok quickly gaining over 5 million views (and probably warming 5 million hearts). You see the dad outside asking for ID like a proper bouncer would, and once you enter CQ mom is there to greet him with a complimentary green tea shot!