Bonus Episode: How To Know You're Hanging With A Ghost

By B96

In the spirit of Halloween Nina and Ang have a spooky but enlightening conversation with Pandora who is a medium psychic here in Chicago.  She breaks down the signs to look for if a ghost or spirit is present, what to do if one is and she even contacts Ang's mom.  If you're a believer this is some really interesting stuff!  If you're not it's still interesting.  ENJOY!!!

She was spot on with all she was saying. She even answered questions Ang didn't know she had. It was both Nina and Ang's first time speaking to a medium & they were both very pleased how it turned out. As firm believers in this, she was able to tell us things and answer questions we have been wondering about. If you would like your own personal reading click here to be taken to Pandora's website where she offers all kinds of readings.