Be a part of Freeforms Class of 2020

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By B96

Due to the pandemic so many are missing out on important life moments - like high school and college graduations.

While the important part is that you put in the work and will have that slip of paper, something about the ceremony makes it feel official.

Freeform network understands your disappointment and wants to celebrate you!

#FreeformClassof2020 will be celebrating "graduation weekend" May 16th-17th!

They'll be running the first 10,000 names they receive on-air during Freeform’s FUNDAY: Class of 2020 Weekend! \

Rules are you must be 18 years or older and live in the US. (And the part of the first 10,000 names submitted)

SO GET TO IT! Submit your school name and your name here: #FreeformClassof2020

CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADUATION!!! We are so proud of you <3< p=""/>