How Coronavirus is Affecting Costco

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Photo credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As fear and precaution for the Coronavirus is spreading, several business' are taking extra care to protect themselves and their customers...including Costco!

This has been floating around the inter-web the last few days and many of us who LOVE Costco's sample weren't sure if it was for real:


Sadly, it's true! :(

All the delicious, yummy samples that intrigue us to buy things of ginormous quanitites like a 10-pack of frozen pizzas, or 5-gallons of pudding have been stopped!

While Costco has yet to comment officially, Business Insider says:

"The various free sample stands have become an integral part of Costco’s image. However, in recent weeks customers have raised concerns about how the bite sized samples left out in the open could facilitate the spread of the coronavirus. Due to this, all food samples will be suspended until futher notice."

Does this mean Costco won't be such an epic zoo around lunchtime on the weekends? Go find out and let me know :p

Do you think this temporary decision will have an impact on their sales?