Watch: Taylor Swift Performs A Song She Said She Never Would

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By B96

Last night Lady Gaga and Global Citizen had a groundbreaking event with 70 celebs from their homes with a mission to celebrate and support all the health care and essential workers all over the world putting themselves on the front lines during the COVID pandemic.

While everyone was talking about the rooms the stars were in (in their homes - yea yea Charlie Puth didn't make his bed lol) it was Taylor Swift that stole the show doing something she said she never would.

On Taylor's "Lover" album she had a song called, "Soon You'll Get Better," that she wrote for her Mom and her battle with cancer ~ and she said she would never perform it because it was just too emotional for her...and that's what she did.

Maybe she did to show we need to be brave, because the song brings her solace and her Mom comfort. Either way, it was nothing less than amazing.

Watch here:

I was ugly crying straight-up. **I lost a parent to cancer so for me it hits close to home.

I don't think that song is going to be added to her set list - for the reasons she has not performed it before - but that's what made that performance so special!

What did you think?

To find out more about last night's One World event and how to help click here: One World:Together At Home

PS- Last night's show raised about $128 million in response to the coronavirus pandemic. More than $55 million will go toward the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and $72.8 million to local and regional responders.