VIDEO: Avengers Superheroes Coming Thru For A Young Fan

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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By B96

This whole thing makes me ball from beginning to end! Young humans reminding us there is good in the world...and 'superheroes' letting him know he's one of them.

Are you crying yet? LOL

 Last week, Bridger Walker, a 6-year-old boy from Wyoming, jumped between his 4-year-old sister and a dog that tried to attack her and saved her life. 

In doing so, Bridger was left with huge bite marks and bruises and underwent two-hours of surgery resulting in more than 90 stitches. When asked why he jumped between his sister and the dog, he said, “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.” It should also be noted that Bridger was concerned about the dog and did not want him to be punished or put down.

To raise his spirits, Bridger's Aunt Nicole created accounts on socials asking for his fave super heroes and celebs to send him well wishes. **The pics on the slide are graphic showing his injuries

Since that time, love from EVERYWHERE has been pouring in - from Power Rangers, he was named an honorary champion by the World Boxing Council...and also heard from the stars of the Avengers!!

Anne Hathaway caught wind of the story and let Nicole know that while she wasn't an Avenger she'd let them know...

Oh hey Captain America/Chris Evans

Robert Downey Jr / Ironman

Tom Holland/Spiderman

Chris Hemsworth / Thor

Pretty freakin cool right? 

Sending love and prayers for a quick and easy recover for Bridger from everyone here at B96 - or should we say the newest Avenger? :p

PS- Per the family there is no fundraising for Bridger or his medical bills (so if you spy a GoFundMe or anything along those lines it is NOT legit). If you do want to help, aside from prayers and well wishes - a letter from the fam has been posted noting 2 veterans causes you can donate to.