CDC warns contagious UK COVID variant likely to be dominant strain in US by March

By 1010 WINS

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The coronavirus variant that was first identified in the United Kingdom is now spreading rapidly in the U.S and it will likely become the dominant strain in the US. by March if nothing is done to stop it, the Centers for Disease Control announced Friday.

In light of this dire warning, officials reminded Americans to wear masks and social distancing.

The variant, called "B.1.1.7," has infected at least 76 people in 12 states as of Jan. 13.

And with many state officials saying they are not getting enough of the vaccine, the threat of the variant's expansion is of grave concern, and threatens to worse the pandemic, the CDC said in a report modeling the potential impact of the variant.

The variant does not necessarily cause more sever illlness, but it is more contagious that the initial strain.

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