Couple Has Saved 68 Lives and Counting With Their COVID-19 Plasma Donations


While the coronavirus affects millions, one couple is donating plasma to help save lives.

Brian and Dina Murphy of San Antonio, Texas, told Good Morning America that their goal is to help others after they tested positive for COVID-19.

“I felt that really, God really saved me and to be a survivor,” Dina, 60, said. “I felt that this is really what he wants me to do, to help others.”

Brian, who is 59, said he frequently gets sinus infections and felt a sickness coming on in early March. Due to not having all coronavirus symptoms, his doctors diagnosed him with the normal symptoms of one of the sinus infections he was prone to.

“It really was a glorified sinus infection because I was really tired most of the time, lethargic, if you will,” Brian said. He added that the last four days of having the virus, all he wanted to do was lay in bed.

However, for Dina, she experienced the virus differently.

Dina said that she started getting a fever and said she went to the doctor after about five days of experiencing symptoms.

“They checked my lungs and they said, You know, I just don’t think you have it,” Dina added.

Doctors gave her strep and flu tests, but those results came back negative. When she took the COVID-19 test, her results came back positive.

When Dina started donating plasma at the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, her husband found out that he had the virus.

“He had high antibody levels,” Dina said. “So he’s the one who gave it to me because he had what he thought was a sinus infection.”

Since then, they’ve both been donating plasma ever since. So far, the married couple has been able to help 68 people.

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