EXCLUSIVE: Monsta X on Looking for LUV and Lizzo

The group just released their English language debut

We’ve been in love before, but we’ve never been in LUV like this. Monsta X dropped their English language debut on Friday, and celebrated with RADIO.COM for a special RADIO.COM LIVE event in Los Angeles. We got ALL ABOUT LUV up close and personal with the K-pop Kings, dancing their way through “WHO DO U LOVE?” and more as the crowd screamed with excitement. They move effortlessly, so proud of this collection and anxious to conquer more with the first all-English K-pop album in over a decade.

Before the show, they were all so relaxed, fielding questions on dream collaborations and possible love connections. “Lizzo” they say is on their wish list, eager to add the “Truth Hurts” star to their feature roster. Both French Montana and Pitbull make an appearance on ALL ABOUT LUV, “both” filled with swagger according to Monsta X. Could Lizzo be next?

LUV is everywhere according to the group, ready to express it in all forms. “Everybody has their own definition of love,” they share. “We’re always looking for love.”

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ALL ABOUT LUV starts a new era for Monsta X, who look to tighten their hold in the US through 2020. Less than a year after selling out a small run of tour dates and making their debut on US television, they’re back bigger and better than ever, now with new album and an extensive World Tour on the way.

For more from Monsta X, check out the full video above. ALL ABOUT LUV is now available everywhere. Watch RADIO.COM LIVE with Monsta X here.

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