Frank Ocean’s 18-Year-Old Brother Ryan Breaux Killed in Car Crash: Report

Breaux and his classmate Ezekial Bishop passed away Sunday morning

Frank Ocean’s younger brother and his classmate died early Sunday after a car they were riding in crashed into a tree and went up in flames.

According to a report from The Acorn, Ryan Breaux, 18, and Ezekial (Zeek) Bishop, 20, were killed after the Tesla they were in veered off the road and crashed into a tree. Authorities in Thousand Oaks, California arrived around 1:40 AM and discovered the vehicle fully engulfed in flames and cut in half.

Both Breaux and Bishop were pronounced dead at the scene.

As news began to emerge, numerous messages of condolences were sent to the Breaux and Bishop families as well as to Frank Ocean.

Paris Brosnan, model and son of actor Pierce Brosnan was close friends with Breaux and Bishop taking to Instagram to post a lengthy tribute to the two.

“To my brother, who was talented beyond belief, possessed a heart of gold, had an energy that was infectious, a smile & laugh that lifted everyone’s spirit, and was a loyal and authentic friend to anyone he knew,” Brosnan wrote.

“You were just getting started and ready to show the world who you were. You were a leader and you had a whole army of loyal soldiers behind you. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you most, thank you for all the wild nights, thank you for your music and all the late night studio sessions with Fray, thank you for blessing us ALL with your presence on this earth.

“I will carry you in my heart always. Until I see you again brother. Ryan Breaux forever & Zeek Bishop forever,” he added.

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