Is Telehealth Here to Stay After the Coronavirus Pandemic?


With many doctors’ offices transitioning into telemedicine platforms during the COVID-19 outbreak, some patients are wondering if telehealth is here to stay.

Telehealth and telemedicine are programs that allow doctors and nurses to practice medicine virtually. While using these platforms, you can get a refill on your prescription or have a doctor diagnose you virtually.

Recently, doctors have been using telemedicine to keep their patients safe from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dr. Carolynn Francavilla-Brown, a family practitioner, told Fox News that 10% of her patients used the platform before the outbreak. The doctor shared that 95% of her patients started using it when the pandemic began.

“We are starting all encounters for our clinic via telehealth, and then we are bringing people into the office if we already know they need to be there,” Francavilla-Brown said.

Mara McCrossin, a neurosurgical nurse practitioner for a private company, said she does not think this platform will replace in-person trips to the doctor’s office. 

Health officials say remote health visits don’t impact the patient’s visit but say it is much easier to diagnosis a patient when they are in the office.

Francavilla-Brown shared that there is the potential that telehealth can replace all urgent care facilities across the nation. She said some urgent care facilities could give I.V. fluids, but most of them consist of doctors treating patients for viruses and colds.

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