Peeps and Crocs Offer Spring-Inspired Treat for Your Feet With New Collab

Peeps X Crocs
Photo credit (Crocs)

Do you need a sweet new pair of Crocs for spring?

Just in time for Easter season, Peeps and Crocs are coming out with a new footwear collaboration.

The company Just Born teamed up with Crocs to create the Peeps x Crocs clog. The limited-edition shoes are coated with a brightly-colored, sugar-like texture, and have 3D Jibbitz charms shaped like the signature Peeps chicks on top, Yahoo! reported.

To make the shoes a bit sweeter, 2D Chick and Bunny Jibbitz are available for individual purchase.

Spring is almost here. Are you in need for a new pair of Crocs?
Photo credit (Crocs)

The shoes come in pink, blue or yellow for adults, and yellow in children's sizes.

“This is the first time Crocs is partnering with a candy brand, and what better way to keep our fans on their toes than by pairing our iconic clog with an iconic Easter candy brand for a one-of-a-kind collaboration,” Terence Reilly, chief marketing officer for Crocs said. “We’re thrilled to be chillin’ with our Peeps this season in a bright and colorful clog that’s sure to be our sweetest creation ever.”

Photo credit (Crocs)

Well if you still need a gift for your Easter basket, they are available for purchase. Peeps x Crocs collabs are available at Crocs stores nationwide, as well as online. You can purchase a pair on or

Crocs isn't shy when it comes to collaborating with a company. Just recently, the shoe company teamed up with a famous fried chicken company. KFC partnered with Crocs to create a pair of clogs that will surely make a statement. The shoes were unveiled during New York Fashion Week.

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