Poll: Should Airlines Waive Seat Selection Fees for Families?

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Between baggage fees and seat selections, airlines are growing increasingly more well-versed in throwing extra charges on top of the price of your ticket. But should there be exceptions to being charged for picking where you want to sit?

A petition making its rounds on the Internet says yes. The beauty of an economy ticket is that you get your flight for the cheapest rate possible, but it often comes with the unfortunate reality of having to pay up if you want to choose where you sit.

According to USA Today, Anna Latin, director of financial policy for Consumer Reports’ advocacy arm says that families with small children shouldn’t have to forfeit their affordable flight options just to be able to sit together on the plane. In fact, they should be offered the chance to sit together for free.

The online petition urges airlines like American, Delta, and United to allow adults with children under the age of 13 to choose their seating assignments without paying a fee to do so. The initial goal of 25,000 signatures was far surpassed, with signatures now nearing 50,000.

The text of the petition reads, “I expect you to put safety over profits, and seat children with their families without charging them extra for it.”

A recent influx of Consumer Reports incidents even suggests that airlines have, in some cases, separated children as young as 2 years of age from their parents on flights. The organization has collected over 400 similar complaints.

Latin also points out that while flight attendants are quick to simply ask passengers to move their seats in favor of family proximity, many are reluctant to do so having just paid a fee for the seat they’ve chosen.

What do you think?

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