Teen Goes to the Hospital Twice for COVID-19, Films Scary Experience


One teenager is encouraging others to take the coronavirus more seriously after documenting her horrific experience with the illness through two separate hospital stays.

Kaydee Asher told Good Morning America about her experience, outlining that up until receiving a positive coronavirus test, she hadn't been sick in about two years.

“I was just thinking this is way worse than I imagined it to be,” Asher said.

The 16-year-old said people hear so many stories about having the virus, but once she tested positive, things changed rapidly, and she realized the severity of the situation.

"I had the biggest headache. It felt like my head was like a hot air balloon - I was just going to explode," she explains.

On June 20, the teenager was out in the sun when she began to get a runny nose. The next day, she saw her boyfriend and took some medication. When she returned home, she said she experienced a sore throat.

Two days later on June 22, Asher developed further symptoms, explaining that she woke up with a sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue, loss of smell, and chills.

When she realized she was experiencing likely coronavirus symptoms, she got tested but had to wait for 3 to 8 days for the results to come back. Two days after she took the test, she woke up with a new symptom.

“I thought I was just waking up and needing a breath from waking up,” Asher said.

She then called her mother to tell her that she had trouble breathing.

"She told me she was so winded that she was having a hard time walking," Asher's mom explained.

“It felt like I was getting too much air in, but letting go of the air felt like the air was trapped,” she added.

Soon after, Asher’s mom took her to the hospital. The teen was so terrified that the doctor had to give her a sedative to calm her anxiety.

After that, a second COVID-19 test result came back positive, and Kaydee was sent home with medication. She eventually said that her symptoms worsened.

“Felt like weights were sitting right here on my chest,” Asher said.

After a telehealth appointment with her doctor, Asher went back to the hospital. She was then admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit.

While at the hospital, the teen got more medication and gained some energy.

"I think it was a bit of different medication than what I had previously been taking, but they were just giving me the medication and it started fully kicking in," Asher explains.

She was then released from the hospital a second time. She ended up tweeting her experience.

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